About ICF

Chuck Akin

Vice President, Innovation Management, Health Informatics, and Technology
Chuck is an expert in innovation management and technology investment strategy with over 25 years of experience.

Chuck Akin has over 25 years of experience in innovation management and technology investment strategy. He spent 15 years supporting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in public health informatics strategy and evaluation. As the current senior informatics subject matter expert and vice president, Chuck oversees a portfolio of our CDC projects—supporting multiple national surveillance programs, emerging technology research, and CDC Chief Information Officer management consulting and support. He is responsible for all aspects of project performance, including technical, contractual, administrative, and financial.

Previously, Chuck served as the Innovation Officer for our Health, Sciences, and Human Services Division, teaching techniques to co-ideate, co-create, and co-deliver transformational improvements. His methodology includes established and new technologies, human-centered design, and gamestorming designed facilitation. He continues to be part of our innovative research and development— working with cutting-edge prototypes and uncovering novel approaches that make a difference in his clients’ health missions.

Areas of expertise
  • Certified Enterprise Architect (Federal or Civilian Agencies)