Sustainability Matters to ICF

Governments and companies around the world look to ICF for sustainable solutions. Employees join ICF to develop innovations to improve the global environmental outlook. And we commit to sustainability in our own operations, working to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing our positive impact.

When monitoring, managing, and minimizing our own environmental footprint, we apply the same rigor and commitment to sustainability that our clients have come to expect.

Our Impact, Philosophy, and Goal

Understanding our impact. We use greenhouse gas emissions as a unifying metric to evaluate our overall environmental footprint. Each year, we inventory emissions generated by our operations: facilities, business travel, and employees’ commute. In recent years, our emissions breakdown trended as follows…

  • Energy that powers our facilities approximately 30 percent
  • Business-related travel: approximately 30 percent
  • Fossil fuels used to drive our commutes: approximately 40 percent

Consequently, our strategy to reduce our footprint focuses on these three material sources.

Living our philosophy—maintain a net zero carbon status. We work to minimize our carbon footprint and we take our commitment a step further…we are carbon neutral. We achieve a net zero carbon footprint by investing in projects that offset (i.e., remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as has been emitted) the carbon impact of our operations. We first established that commitment in 2006—and we’ve been carbon neutral each year since. Read about our latest offset investments in our corporate responsibility report.

Establishing a carbon reduction goal. By 2018, we will reduce the average greenhouse gas emissions per ICF employee (including facilities, business travel, and commuting) by 10 percent from a 2013 baseline.

During 2017, we expect to set a new goal that will project further into the future. We’re also exploring opportunities to implement a science-based reduction target, using methodologies recommended by the CDP Climate Leadership Initiatives.

We implemented policies and a set of key initiatives to help us achieve our net reduction goal. We’ve already begun many of these activities, but in the future, we plan to bring greater rigor and discipline to how we implement them. Read more about how we’re working to…

  • Reduce the impacts from employee commutes and business travel
  • Reduce energy used at our facilities
  • Minimize our environmental impact in other ways

Advancing climate resiliency

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Minimizing emissions from business travel and employee commuting

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Reducing facility energy usage

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