A new tourism gateway in the Dominican Republic

Creating a green tourism infrastructure for Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic plans to develop 75,000 additional hotel rooms along the Punta Cana coast over the next 15 years. Tourism and the hospitality industry are critical elements of the country’s economy, and a new airport is needed to meet this growth. In a unique, totally private initiative, the Grupo Abrisa consortium is building a brand-new airport to meet the region’s growing tourism needs. And ICF has been there to help, every step of the way.


How to develop a new greenfield airport to meet the long-term tourism needs of the Dominican Republic? How to assess visitor demand, infrastructure, cost, charges, organizational structure, financing, and investment risk? Bávaro International Airport, a privately developed project costing over $200 million, will be the next state-of-the-art tourism infrastructure built in the Caribbean. However, the airport needs to be operationally efficient, socially and environmentally responsible, and cost-effective for users—all while providing a superior experience for passengers.


Using our extensive experience in the aviation, travel, and tourism sectors, ICF created a realistic vision for Bávaro International Airport. We defined the need, forecasted how demand would unfold, sized the infrastructure, and developed the strategic plan and investor roadshow the client used to plan the project and raise financing. Currently, we are developing key elements to make the airport one that airlines and visitors will want to use, and one that will be environmentally friendly. Bávaro International Airport will be a model for how the private sector can contribute to the development and promotion of tourism in a destination market.



Grupo Abrisa successfully obtained investment and project financing, and the project has broken ground. The airport is anticipated to open in early 2024.

“ICF has been absolutely invaluable in making this project happen. They bring true insight, market credibility, and real-world experience that we simply could not do without.”

— Rafael Fernandez, Vice President, Grupo Abrisa

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