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Making clinical trial information more accessible for patients and researchers alike

Clinical trials are a crucial component of the healthcare sphere, yet results and information about these trials can be difficult to access and understand. ICF supports in offering a comprehensive online database that bridges this knowledge gap—making clinical trial research accessible to everyone who needs it, such as patients, providers, researchers, sponsors, and more.


National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Library of Medicine


Provide easy access to consistent, reliable clinical trial information for patients, providers, researchers, and funders.


Bring together experienced, highly-educated individuals with expertise in clinical research to ensure quality information is submitted to the database.

Impact’s online database gives patients, healthcare providers, and researchers free access to clinical trials and related information—all organized through structured reporting requirements that reduce bias. By making this information available to the public, sponsors can fulfill their ethical obligation to study participants and ensure results inform future medical decision-making to help other patients in the future.

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researchers, patients, and families using every day

300k +

studies from around the world featured on


new summary results shared on each year

Run by leading experts is overseen by an expert and integrated staff with experience in quality control, investigator feedback and support, and content governance. The governance team ensures that standardized information is readily available to those who need it most—including the scientific community, health providers, and patients. ICF's quality control and support staff review registration and results submitted to to help sponsors and investigators meet ethical, legal, and policy obligations.

Serving multiple audiences

Whether to participate in a trial, conduct research, or register a new study, has the tools to help. Users can search for actively-recruiting clinical trials and learn about new interventions and treatments associated with a specific condition. Researchers can use the clinical trial database to stay informed about updates in their field or find collaborators to start their own studies. For those beginning new investigations, ensures that the steps for submitting registration and results information are clear.

A comprehensive database

Featuring over 320,000 research studies from all 50 states and 209 countries, is the largest database of clinical studies in the world. It ensures that evidence is readily available to advance medical knowledge and improve the human health condition. By applying requirements that ensure quality and accessibility, ICF takes the necessary steps to provide a highly-reliable repository of clinical trial information.

“ is fortunate to have a team of professionals from ICF who take pride in the work they do and serve the public each day. The success of the program is an example of the hard-working team and the strong leaders they bring.”

Rebecca Williams
Pharm.D., M.P.H., Acting Director for
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