Compliance Automation for Physical Security

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Physical security comprises complex and ever-changing issues for federal civilian agencies. These agencies serve the general public through nationwide networks of field locations and operate programs to ensure the safety and security of these sites.

Our clients faced budget cuts, fewer resources, and incomplete paper trails which impacted their ability to perform facility security assessments, track and remediate deficiencies, report incidents, and analyze physical security data.

ICF designed and implemented a comprehensive solution based on our GroupAssure® core software framework, which includes a sophisticated security model with role-based access control and workflows. With the customized and built-in features of the GroupAssure® framework and its applications, ICF’s clients could automate recurring tasks, streamline workflows, comply with audit requirements, and adapt quickly to ever-changing regulations.

The suite of tools eliminated paper processes and provided custom reporting of metrics. GroupAssure® delivered ease of integration with existing agency applications and intra-integration with other GroupAssure® applications. It became a one-stop shop for the agencies’ physical security needs.