The Impact of Brexit

Options to Evolve the UK's Policy Landscape

The majority vote by the UK public to leave the European Union represents the biggest policy challenge in a generation. Uncoupling UK policy and legislation from our European neighbours requires expert insight to navigate and manage a plethora of detailed interdependencies which affect how policy is researched, designed, implemented and evaluated. Of course, this creates opportunities as well as uncertainty. Individuals and businesses deal with change every day. Those who make the most of changing circumstances usually do so equipped with expert knowledge and insight - this is where ICF can help!

ICF policy experts provide full coverage of the thematic areas which will define the UK Government's strategic and tactical response. Our 40 year history of advising UK Government and the European Commission provides us with unrivalled insight into the policy landscape ranging from immigration to energy supply and from habitats to health. However, it is most likely to be the touch points across disciplines which are likely to offer the best solutions.

On this page, you'll find a series of articles which will demonstrate the challenges facing the UK Government. Our thought leadership is not designed to offer a solution to Brexit. Nor is it designed to lobby for a political cause or commercial interest. These articles are shared with you to help demonstrate the range of considerations and options available to policy and decision makers. In doing so, we hope to contribute to how the UK Government will help individuals and businesses deal with the ramifications of such a historic vote and maintain progressive relations with mainland Europe.  


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