Boost your STARS score

The STARS War is on

Are low scores standing in the way of consumers choosing your stellar products? The impact of new scoring methodologies on STAR scores in the past years has left many brands ranked lower than ever before. And with future changes coming, we can expect to continue to see inconsistent scores. Our team of industry leaders and strategy experts are ready to work in partnership with your teams to get your scores back to where they belong.  

Our unique 5-point STARS outcome-based approach is focused on co-creating strategies based on your enterprise-wide goals and needs to help you become the brightest STAR in the Medicare space and future-proof your business for the additional changes to come.

Our approach is personalized—starting with a deep understanding of your current state and then tackling your biggest challenges to meet the needs and goals of your organization. We analyze the data and leverage our deep industry expertise to recommend a customized solution strategy and roadmap to help you shine.

Starting now is key

  • The benefit of higher scores. With only 21% of Medicare members enrolled in 5-star plans and voluntary attrition expected to rise, now is the ideal time to plan for raising your score.
  • Future insight into upcoming changes. With additional changes to STAR score methodology on the horizon— including greater emphasis on data accuracy and quality of emergency visit follow-up—don’t risk another year of low scores.
  • A better member experience. Consumers are looking for a partner in healthcare. With higher scores, you will attract and retain members who trust you to be that partner for them.
  • Keep low scores from impacting sales. 2022 STAR scores came as a shock, particularly for previously high performing plans. Spend 2023 adjusting and preparing so you start 2024 ahead of the competition.

STAR Scores

Why choose ICF Next?

  • We know data. Our team has experience with the largest and most complex data files. We leverage our proprietary systems to gather insights, tell stories, and compare data sets to better understand and create tailored action plans to improve your STAR scores.
  • We specialize in CXT. We have extensive expertise in both customer experience transformation (CXT) and healthcare. With that combination, our teams can emphasize targeted transformation focused on meeting both your members’ needs and business objectives.
  • We combine strategy and business. As strategists who understand the cause and effect of business drivers, we can identify trends in your data, and know CX inside and out to create dynamic and personalized solutions for the key areas you need to transform for success.
  • We have deep payer experience. Our healthcare practice has deep experience working with payers across the spectrum, as evidenced by our ongoing work on hundreds of enterprise-wide, complete lifecycle engagements.
  • We form lasting, trusted relationships. Our team builds long-lasting relationships based on high quality work. We become a trusted advisor to your teams—consistently looking for ways to keep you performing at the highest level.

As healthcare experts—whether it’s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) gap closure, member experience, or data holding you back—we will partner with you to analyze, create a strategy, and implement changes that can ensure you are reclaiming the high rank you desire.