When it comes to loyalty marketing, we take the lead.

A Leader, The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019

Hello, we’re ICF Next.

We're a passionate group of strategists, marketers, technologists and data scientists, harnessing the insights, creativity and technology that are shaping the travel and hospitality industry. We believe loyalty is an outcome, not just a program. We are in the business of creating experiences that take people on journeys. And those journeys enhance a relationship with a brand to grow to a level of active participation.

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“Reference clients are very satisfied with ICF Next’s insights services and account teams, offering high praise for its intelligence, consistency, and investment in client success: ‘They exceeded our expectations on every count.’”

Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019

Leaders in loyalty

We’ve spent years understanding your customers by empowering our partner brands to deliver relevant, real-time engagement with their customers. The type of engagement that delivers bottom-line results, unwavering advocacy and an elevated travel experience one customer at a time.

A Leader – The Forrester Wave™:
Customer Loyalty Solutions for Large Organizations, Q1 2016

A Leader – The Forrester Wave™:
Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017

A Leader – The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019

A Strong Performer – The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019

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We’re changemakers

As a global consulting agency with innovation in our DNA and customer obsession in our hearts, we’re privileged to partner with some of the most well-known travel and hospitality brands in the world.

Our unmatched expertise and industry-leading loyalty and customer marketing capabilities is what sets us apart. We’re committed to delivering award-winning programs, experiences and customer journeys that boost brand loyalty over and over again.

When it comes to building meaningful relationships, it's always personal.

Show your customers you really care

True loyalty is earned. Loyalty comes from a powerful emotional connection that the customer shares with your brand. We’ve found that the travel and hospitality brands winning at loyalty are the ones that demonstrate empathy by understanding their customers’ needs and creating experiences that make their lives better.

Service and kept promises are the heart and soul of any loyalty program. Recognition must be meaningful and add value. Overall, consumers want a more human experience and wish that travel brands would “go above and beyond for them.”

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We design, implement and manage award-winning loyalty and customer marketing programs for some of the biggest travel and hospitality brands in the world.


The five key areas that help our travel and hospitality brands earn engagement, drive loyalty, and disrupt their categories.

Creative Engagement

Bringing the experience to life

  • Personalized Creative
  • Branded Content + Advertising
  • Digital Experience
  • Design + Production
  • Video + Animated Content


Reinventing your approach

  • Loyalty + CRM Program Design
  • Customer Acquisition + Retention
  • Transformation + Deployment
  • Branding + Strategy
  • Media Buying + Planning


Optimizing every channel and experience

  • Tally® – Proprietary Loyalty Technology
  • Digital Marketing Strategy + Solution
  • Content Management
  • Web and Mobile App Development + Marketing
  • User Experience Management + Design


Unparalleled understanding of customers

  • Behavioral Analytics + Insights
  • Primary + Secondary Research
  • Data Management + Visualization
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Persona Development
  • Media + Marketing Analytics
  • Real-Time + Predictive Analytics

Marketing Operations

Bringing you closer to understanding your customers

  • Program Implementation + Management
  • Communications Deployment
  • Process Optimization
  • Customer Lifecycle Experience
  • Experience Prototyping
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Reporting + Modeling

Tally® makes all the difference

Configure and manage programs to drive the behavior you desire

Tally is a seamlessly integrated loyalty platform that enables intuitive incentives and tailored programs to match the way your customers think. Forget “one size fits all,” this is smart, proven software configured precisely to drive enterprise-wide value across teams—marketing, customer care, analytics and operations. All powered by ICF Next loyalty experts behind the scenes.

Create hospitality promotions and fuel omni-channel experiences

Built to work for your business, motivate your customers, and drive the behavior you desire, Tally has never encountered a program rule or promotion it can’t execute. It’s that flexible.

Uncover actionable insights with a 360° view of your customer

Tally enables you to acquire and act on robust first-party customer data, all while delivering rich reports and dashboards that provide a single snapshot of all customer engagements, purchases, product preferences and more.

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We always take a human approach

because genuine loyalty only comes from a powerful emotional connection the customer shares with the brand.

We helped Amtrak® increase engagement and program enrollment

Here's an example of how Amtrak partnered with ICF Next to evolve their strategy while building a customer journey utilizing smart, creative solutions at meaningful touch points that deliver game-changing results.


By implementing our industry-leading technology, Tally, we helped enable the Amtrak Guest Rewards program to deliver highly personalized content in digital channels and a customized CRM application for our call center agents. This dynamic experience targets communications to the individual rider, then integrates with booking systems for a smooth transaction process. From booking to boarding, this new approach helped alleviate traveler pain points.


Using a personalized and customized approach, we increased Amtrak's engagement, enrollments, membership participation, and promotional registration. Stronger data insights, compelling creative, increased communication touch points, and tailored web and mobile experiences are driving Amtrak to win transportation customer loyalty once again.

We’ve grown Amtrak enrollment by more than 267%.

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Increase in registration engagement with member promotions

"We believe loyalty is an outcome. Fueled more and more by designed experiences. Tiny micro-moments that create a more human connection with your customers and guests. Moments of surprise and delight that are based on a deep understanding of your customer’s needs. It’s through truly human interactions that customers feel a sense of value and belonging, and that’s hard to break."

Guy Cierzan, Managing Partner, ICF Next

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