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Human Capital Management & Training

Technology systems evolve. Demand for transparency increases. Retirement rates rise. Objectives pivot. You have the mission; ICF can create the map.

Our clients have high-octane organizations to run, programs and initiatives to launch, and talent to hone. But with any ambitious mission comes unique operational challenges. ICF approaches complex workforce challenges with organizational learning and performance solutions that help clients improve their people, processes, and programs. Our specialists align their experience with your objectives to optimize performance at all levels.

We leverage our own interdisciplinary talent to include industrial and organizational psychologists, instructional technology and gaming experts, instructional systems designers, computational scientists, and human resources specialists, who have experience spanning the research to practice continuum. Our goal is to help maximize the value of your most important asset: your people.

Big things happen when two (and often more) of these professionals come together at ICF. In workforce performance and engagement, our team helps executives attract, retain and develop a high-quality workforce. Our dynamic learning solution helps create enduring behavioral change. In workforce planning and analytics, we synthesize data from within and outside the organization to visualize information and inform decisions about the workforce. We also offer guidance in cyber workforce to providing analysis and planning, cyber leader development, and cyber training.

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