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Misty Marquis

Art Director

Misty’s a creative professional who currently resides in the twin-cities, obtained her BFA in Graphic Design at Georgia State, but hailed from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over the years, she’s expanded her skills and gain experiences in brand development, web, and digital. She employs great use of cross-team collaboration, is an advocate of strong communication in the ideation process, and believes that good design should never be sacrificed.

This southern spit-fire started her career in the Atlanta market before migrating to the Bold North. She’s worked as an animation Intern, to applying her focus in print production, and then later transitioned into being a designer for various agencies. She’s worked with different corporations, such as Hansgroghe, and then AAA Minneapolis as a Digital Designer. At AAA’s Minneapolis, she improved the SEO/user interaction across multiple browsers and helped increase their web traffic by 40%. But now she’s our spit-fire Art Director at Olson.