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A customer who has a good experience with a company is more likely to engage further, remain loyal, and spread positive word-of-mouth.

To ensure interactions with your organization leave customers feeling this way, ICF Journey+™ offers a 360° view of your current challenges and opportunities. Using a combination of journey and process mapping, Journey+™ guides your experience design transformation by identifying important touch-points that influence customer satisfaction and shedding light on areas that can be adjusted to alleviate customer pain.

Journey+™ works for private and public sector organizations, across a variety of industries, for B2B and B2C customers. Our team of user and customer experience specialists engage subject matter experts from across ICF to design and implement solutions that best fit the challenges of the companies and agencies we serve. We recommend and implement strategies to measure customer satisfaction – either broadly or by interaction – to ensure the operational improvements you make support your satisfaction goals.

Through research and workshops, Journey+™ validates experiences and engages your organization’s team to develop realistic solutions that can transform the customer experience, increasing loyalty, engagement, revenue, and positive word-of-mouth.