AEP and Tally platform screenshot cart segments
Through ICF Next’s Regional Platinum Partnership with Adobe, we’re pleased to announce that we are the first loyalty platform provider to complete an integration with Adobe Experience Platform.
AEP and Tally platform screenshot on tablet of member profile
The bi-directional exchange of data between our platforms’ profiles enables significant benefits to both digital experience and loyalty marketers. This new integration provides marketers the opportunity to personalize at all stages of the customer journey.

Make loyalty data universally accessible

By connecting the platforms, we enable enrichment of Adobe’s Unified Profile with first-party transactional, preference, and profile data from the loyalty profile. These insights and information become immediately actionable across all channels.

Optimize member acquisition

Utilize information about your best customers to better target individuals who look and act like them. Take advantage of conquest opportunities and grow your brand.

Manage customer LTV through dynamic service recovery

Keep your valuable customers coming back by improving your reaction when something goes wrong along the customer’s journey.

Increase “below the line” loyalty

As loyalty evolves to become more experiential with behavior-based actions, improve execution across the journey by delivering highly personalized content and offers—in the moments that matter.

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