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Survey Design

ICF offers comprehensive, in-house survey design services for survey methodology, instrument, and sampling design using traditional and emerging data collection methods.

Survey research is more than collecting data. Effective surveys are designed and cognitively tested by our experts to produce the highest quality data. ICF survey teams include top-level statisticians, methodologists, analysts, and consultants with decades of hands-on experience. Our teams offer expertise that blends proven best practices, the latest survey theory, and operational practicality with a tailored approach to work at any scale: local, national, or global. Our design approach minimizes coverage, selection, and measurement errors and maximizes survey response rates, increasing your confidence in our results.

ICF can design actionable, fit-for-purpose solutions for your survey research project through:

  • Strategic and methodological consultation using traditional probability methods and incorporating emerging nonprobability methods as appropriate
  • Instrument design that includes helping clients craft content, formatting tools for readability and ease-of-use, and programming and testing to ensure accuracy
  • Simple and complex sampling design for representativeness, efficiency, and cost, drawing on our significant experience targeting hard-to-reach populations
  • Data collection planning expertise that considers multiple, flexible, and convenient modes, including telephone, mail, web, and in-person interviews as well as hybrid methodologies