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Using Optimization to Drive Your DER Strategy and Build Value

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Jan 31, 2017

DER valuation has been a complicated knot to unravel in recent years, as it must account for multiple DER options and a stack of potential value streams, while also taking into consideration locational and temporal characteristics. For utilities, this will soon become a real opportunity, because getting the value of DERs right can lead to many significant benefits: bending the cost curve to reduce rate pressure in a low load growth environment, crafting more cost-effective programs with better returns for customers and shareholders, and managing customer relationships as customer interest in DER continues to grow. By leveraging and enhancing the analytical tools developed through work with clients across North America, ICF has developed a streamlined DER valuation approach that can guide utility decision-making.

This approach has proven to reveal meaningful differences in value across many locations and combinations of DER; providing a compass for utilities and other DER market participants to discover and capture value for their customers.

Download the full whitepaper to learn more.

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