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Retail recovery: Four macrotrends shaping the industry's post-COVID future

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By Katie Berndt and Denise Holt
Aug 3, 2020
Retail was one of the earliest industries to suffer immediate negative impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although retail is still suffering, as far as industries go, it is a resilient one. Despite all of this uncertainty, upheaval, and economic contraction, retail is stepping up to the challenge. Retailers are leading by example and inspiring change, forging new ways of connecting with their customers for the greater good, and becoming a voice for those affected around the world. Download this paper to discover the major ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted retailers, how these new realities are shaping their businesses and consumer behavior, and the four key macrotrends that will define the future of retail as we know it.
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By Katie Berndt and Denise Holt

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