Case Studies
Case Studies

Famous fans taste the rainbow

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Skittles’ influencer-engagement approach fueled its rise


Skittles sought to become America’s favorite fruity confection by becoming an authentic part of popular culture.

How We Did It

  • Creative engagement
    Public relations, Social engagement, Design + production, Branded content + advertising, Influencer marketing
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We created a best-in-class influencer program that helped the brand’s most famous fans share their love of Skittles with hundreds of millions of others. We developed relationships with Skittles-loving celebrities, athletes, and social influencers and found creative—and newsworthy—ways for them to share their Skittles love. A mix of personalized vending machines, candy-covered gifts, and viral content wowed fans and built cultural relevance. (We’re not just saying that: Saturday Night Live literally did a sketch about it.) Our strategy helped Skittles own massive marketing moments, like the Super Bowl, finding an organic place in the everyday pop-culture conversation.
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Skittles became the No. 1 selling candy in the United States in 2015. As a result of our award-winning influencer-driven campaigns, hundreds of celebrities have touted their love of the brand without being paid.
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