Whether in digital, loyalty, media, or even PR, today’s marketers have access to more data every day. With so much information at your fingertips, how do you compile and comprehend it all? That’s where we come in. We leverage the latest tools and tactics to visualize and explain marketing campaign and program performance—and accurately predict what will happen next.
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Reporting and dashboards

We develop tools that help marketers understand how campaigns and programs are performing across web, CRM, loyalty, PR, advertising, media, and BI. That way you can not only visualize the data that’s important to you, but you’ll also be armed with the ability to inform smart, real-time decisions.

Predictive analytics

Take your business in a new and unexpected direction. We apply machine learning, data augmentation, and artificial intelligence to help brands anticipate the impact of marketing programs through predictive modeling, economic modeling, and media mix modeling.

Testing and optimization

Develop the performance your business needs through test plans and measurement, influencer identification, website optimization, audience management, and economic modeling. Through these various participation activators, we help brands plot clear paths to their objectives.
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Digital analytics

Measuring digital experiences requires specialized expertise in digital analytics technology, tag management solutions, and integrations. From strategy and implementation to reporting and analysis, our team of vendor and partner-certified digital analytics consultants will get you the insights and data you need to understand, optimize, and enable meaningful experiences.
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Social and strategy analytics

The best insights about your brand come from the outside. That’s why we use social media listening, reputation monitoring, behavioral analysis, audience analysis, personalization, surveys, and focus groups to help shape and inform the key marketing and strategic decisions at the heart of your business.
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UX research

UX design is a true union of art and science. Our analytics experts leverage journey mapping, persona development, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and usability testing to inform and validate your business’s key experiences. These experiences serve as the backbone to how consumers see and engage with your brand.

Data engineering and infrastructure

We shift data infrastructure to the cloud—and help our clients distribute this information to comply with complex global regulations. As data becomes increasingly vital to every organization’s decision making, we help package and productize data models to give analysts and marketers the agility they need to stay competitive.

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