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Livability & Land Use

ICF helps cities, counties, and regional planning agencies incorporate land use, livability, and the key pillars of sustainability—the environment, the economy, and social equity—into transportation planning.

For organizations integrating land use, livability, and sustainability into transportation planning, ICF delivers comprehensive expertise in areas such as:

  • Analysis—pollution, health, and infrastructure impacts; emissions analysis; air quality modeling; and climate mitigation studies
  • Modeling—transportation and land use patterns, economic modeling, and benefit-cost analysis
  • Environmental support—permitting, compliance strategies, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation support
  • Guidance documents and tools—collaborative decision-making, context-sensitive solutions, and the congestion management process
  • Educational services—webinars, presentations, peer exchanges, and workshops
  • Outreach—engaging multiple parties in collaborative decision-making and providing meaningful opportunities for public involvement

Because of our extensive work on transportation projects at the federal, state, and local levels, we have a comprehensive grasp of the planning and policy issues at the nexus of transportation, the environment, the economy, and livable communities. This knowledge strengthens our ability to deliver value to client engagements, whether promoting sustainable land use development patterns, helping organizations evaluate transportation options, or guiding them toward organization-wide sustainability measures.

Livability and Land Use