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Societal & Community Resilience

ICF enhances societal and community resilience by helping local responders and citizens design, implement, and improve coordinated initiatives for all hazards.

ICF develops and aids in implementing coordinated strategies to help individuals, families, communities, companies, and governmental jurisdictions reach a common understanding of risk and collaboratively improve resilience. Our success in building societal and community resilience lies in our ability to marry extensive homeland security expertise with experience in strategic communications and community engagement to effect behavior change among stakeholders.

ICF offers complete planning, response, and resilience assistance in many areas, including public health, continuity of operations, all-hazards readiness, mass sheltering. radiation and toxic substances, vaccinations, and engaging underserved communities

Our services include:

  • Risk assessments, needs evaluations, and decision-making support
  • Planning, education, outreach, and training across all stakeholders
  • Resilience program management, evaluation, and continuous improvement

ICF continually tests and refines client programs by developing scenarios, leading exercises, and evaluating performance throughout the preparedness cycle. Most important, we give clients the tools and skills that enable continued success long after we complete the initial implementation.

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