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Managing Risk

ICF develops enterprise risk management and resilience strategies to help clients prepare for and respond to potential threats and hazards.

ICF works alongside government, industry, and community leaders to manage risk and promote enterprise resilience. We help them strike a reasonable balance between costs and benefits by prioritizing risks and focusing resources on the biggest threats, including industrial accidents, natural disasters, terrorism, and cyber terrorism. 

ICF helps develop risk management plans that account for the full spectrum of possible impacts in areas including energy, water supply, environment, defense, public health, education, shipping, transportation, and community preparedness.

Step by step, we help clients examine the big picture and:

  • Evaluate the full range of risks, their probability, and potential impact
  • Provide executive decision support to determine which investments may best minimize loss, accelerate recovery, and even improve operations
  • Develop and help implement risk mitigation strategies tailored to meet individual requirements and optimize the use of limited resources

We also assist in creating continuity of government and continuity of operations plans that ensure government and mission-essential functions continue following a disaster.

Photo of aerial view of disaster relief crews