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Emergency Management

ICF provides expertise in planning, training, exercise development, continuity of operations, public communications, policy analysis, and program evaluation for all phases of emergency management.

ICF has a robust emergency management consulting practice serving government, nonprofit, private sector, and community leaders in the design, implementation, and evaluation of disaster preparedness and response policies, programs, and systems. We have been a thought leader in the effort to strengthen our national preparedness by building more resilient communities through planning, training, and exercise programs. For more than 25 years, ICF has helped clients develop comprehensive emergency management programs that incorporate:

  • Real-world incident experience across the full range of natural hazards and security risks
  • Deep understanding of multi-agency coordination at all levels of government, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector
  • Efficient, disciplined program management to identify and implement life-saving consequence management practices
  • Training and exercise regimens that seamlessly integrate learning with evaluation of capabilities Corrective action plans that provide direction for continuous improvement in emergency management operations

ICF works with clients across the entire emergency management program—from risk assessment to development, training, socialization, and evaluation of resulting emergency management plans. We have developed and supported training and exercises that span the entire spectrum of security and emergency management, including hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemic influenza, counterterrorism, response to weapons of mass destruction attacks, and natural disasters such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Our subject matter experts possess real-world experience in disaster response and recovery; law enforcement; emergency medical, public health, and behavioral counseling; and crisis communications. ICF complements this experience with expertise in program and risk management, research and analysis, and organizational development.