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Border & Transportation Security

ICF helps U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies enhance border and transportation security programs for critical immigration and transportation infrastructure protection.

During the past 20 years, ICF has applied its depth of knowledge and experience in border and transportation security to:

  • Assist U.S. government agencies navigate the complex challenges associated with evolving security threats. We've worked with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) since its inception, providing extensive advisory services for its passenger, baggage, and cargo screening initiative. TSA depends on ICF to assess needs, manage requirements, analyze alternatives, and oversee development and deployment.
  • Provide security systems, policies, and procedures that improve operations and safeguard American citizens, visitors, and U.S. national interests
  • Help clients evaluate U.S. immigration and transportation security practices to identify problems, areas needing improvement, and resource gaps
  • Support U.S. government agencies in performing risk management evaluations, security audits, and safety architecture assessments, and in devising evidence-based security solutions for ingress and egress to major ports and harbors

ICF guides U.S. agencies in reviewing policies and programs—such as employee credentialing and continuity of business operations plans—to better prevent and respond to threats. We also support regulation development and program audits to assure security compliance.

For immigration, ICF helped U.S. officials identify problem areas and mitigate risks. Our technology solutions provide immediate access to data that supports inquiries into marriage, employment, visa, and other forms of fraud.

ICF has the ability to sift through and adequately assess large quantities of information, as well as track trends from numerous sources—key steps in preventing security breaches and rapidly responding when such breaches occur. Our analytical support helps decision-makers determine how and where to coordinate resources to prevent illegal and potentially dangerous activities.

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