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Climate Change & Sustainability in Transportation Planning

ICF helps transportation agencies and private-sector companies embrace sustainability as a response to the threat of climate change and as a framework for environmentally, socially, and economically sound decisions.

ICF understands the impact of climate change legislation on a new port, highway, or transit project and how to accommodate for climate change factors in infrastructure protection and sustainability strategies. We guide clients to cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions, respond to new energy policy and customer concerns, and prepare for the likely impacts of a warming planet.

ICF offers decades of leadership in climate change issues. Our experience helping clients connect climate-friendly transportation practices to the bigger picture includes:

  • Helping clients develop carbon footprints and mitigation strategies
  • Assessing climate change vulnerability and risk
  • Assisting with sustainable transit strategies
  • Using geographic information systems (GIS) to map climate change impact and adaptation scenarios
  • Applying knowledge of advanced transportation technologies and fuels to develop cost-effective approaches to emissions reduction

Clients benefit from ICF's integrated approach to sustainability and comprehensive support. Our multidisciplinary teams help transportation clients conduct early technical research, recruit partners, reach out to stakeholders, and manage operations.

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