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Health Surveys & Data Collection

ICF conducts vital health-focused surveys and collects data that help U.S. and global health agencies identify and monitor health risks and quickly deliver targeted, effective interventions.

For more than 30 years, our experts have conducted health-focused surveys with a combination of sampling techniques, mixed-mode and technology-enhanced research methodologies, and local-language interviewing.

Our end-to-end survey and data collection capabilities include:

  • Telephone interviewing with computer-aided quality control and rapid data compilation
  • Face-to-face interviewing via computer to contact hard-to-reach populations, monitor data collection activities, and facilitate communication
  • Self-interviewing to enable survey participants to enter data electronically without interviewer assistance when appropriate
  • Cell phone research, including electronic incentives and text messaging, to make cell phone interviewing successful
  • Data coordination to choose protocols, establish procedures, maintain quality control, and produce standardized data sets for analysis

ICF’s survey and data collection professionals provide objectivity and a deep understanding of health-focused programs and best practices. ICF partners with clients to maintain strict security and adhere to all relevant privacy legislation.

In addition, our institutional review board and knowledge of U.S. government clearance processes help to facilitate rapid and effective health program outcomes.

Projects & Perspectives