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Defense & National Security

ICF helps clients across the United States Department of Defense and related agencies conduct research and development, protect critical infrastructure, secure cyberspace, advance mission readiness, and improve the performance of personnel and programs.

Defense agencies face many challenges in protecting national security from threats on land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace. Under intense scrutiny, they must also excel organizationally to make the best use of financial, technical, and human resources. Effective support for a wide range of cyber missions requires the best research and development possible and the strongest computer network defense available.

ICF has supported the defense and national security sector for many decades. We examine national security challenges from all angles, looking beyond immediate requirements to forecast possible problems, needs, and questions. Clients benefit from our multidisciplinary teams of recognized thought leaders, seasoned researchers, behavioral scientists, and former military personnel from all branches.

We understand the environment and operations of our client agencies—and the realities that shape their daily lives. Our work helps balance priorities and drive enterprise improvements, as we defend critical networks and help our clients develop the leading-edge cyber technologies they require.

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