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Support for Climate Regulatory & Policy Development

ICF helps organizations involved in regulatory and policy development understand complex issues, measure impact, and identify the best paths forward.

ICF's extensive history with federal, regional, and international regulatory bodies helps us negotiate the processes, tools, and potential obstacles involved in regulatory and policy development.

We support our clients’ regulatory and policy development efforts with a range of services, such as:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories
  • Analytics, simulations, and scenario modeling
  • On-the-ground program implementation
  • Communications and outreach support

ICF navigates the complexities of regulatory and policy development. Our policy specialists know every step of the regulatory roadmap and the challenges agencies face. We deploy sophisticated analytics that are informed by extensive work in the electric, oil and gas, mining, metals, and manufacturing sectors.

ICF grasps all aspects of climate change regulations and policy, including:

  • GHG mitigation policy analysis
  • Government and commercial sustainability programs
  • Renewable energy programs and technologies 
  • Resource conservation
  • Impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation

We combine this expertise with in-house knowledge in related areas such as communities, human health, economics, and the environment.

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