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Wind Energy Development Consulting

Realizing the potential of a vital renewable wind energy source

The true power of wind energy is independence from fossil fuels. This fast-growing segment of the market offers countless development opportunities; the challenge is deciding which to pursue and how to successfully navigate all the stages of development. You need a partner with deep skills in disciplines from finance to biology to electrical engineering. ICF’s wind energy consultants can tackle every task on time and on budget to bring your wind project online as quickly as possible with minimal risk.


Wind Energy Site Assessment Services

Choosing the right site for capital investment is the threshold question for green field and early stage development. Stakeholders need to understand all the potential risks and upsides, distilled down into actionable information. Our experts in meteorology, environmental permitting, engineering, power marketing, and transmission work together to provide answers that cover every angle.


Transmission and Interconnection Support

Interconnecting your project to the grid brings you to the penultimate step of selling your power, and it can be the costliest step. Developers often face two competing conflicts: the physical limitations of delivering power and economic constraints imposed by utilities. Our engineering team works in tandem with our power marketing team to address both sides of the issue, so you’re never faced with solving one problem only to be immediately confronted with another.


Environmental Studies and Permitting

We understand environmental requirements can present considerable challenges to project feasibility and schedule.  ICF’s environmental permitting experts support all phases of project planning, development, construction, and operation to help clients navigate the complex regulatory process. Our combined expertise in the transaction process with depth in the permitting practice offers developers the best of both worlds.


Independent Engineering

Because renewable energy projects are inherently complicated and require significant investment, investors must be very secure in their understanding of a project’s technical and economic aspects. Financial institutions turn to ICF for robust and comprehensive due diligence that supports better decisions.


Power Marketing

Finding an off-taker is the most competitive part of your project, and ICF can give you an edge in the early stages of development. Our forecasting about the potential market for your project allows critical development tasks, including renewable lease development terms and permits, to be appropriately constructed from the start, saving you time and money down the road.

ICF Energy Wind

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