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Green Building - Energy Efficiency

ICF assists property owners, public agencies, and organizations working to advance energy efficiency and green building practices with government mandates, incentives, and regulations and helps them identify resources, develop funding strategies, and craft pragmatic implementation plans.

ICF’s community development professionals provide U.S. federal agencies, state and local governments, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations with energy efficiency and green building services, including:

  • Research and evaluation, data analysis, capacity building, and technical assistance
  • Education and training for agencies, homeowners, tenants, and building managers
  • Website hosting and clearinghouse and data management services
  • Outreach, communications, and partnership development

Whether applying innovative design and construction practices across commercial or residential building portfolios or guiding clients through the environmental benefits of emissions management, waste reduction, and water conservation, ICF provides comprehensive support to the design, management, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency and green building programs.

ICF helps energy efficiency and green building programs deliver economic benefit through building practices that reduce operating costs and increase property values. We assist these initiatives in reaching all major segments of residential and commercial building stock, including housing for low-income households and homes and businesses in rural areas.

We also help energy efficiency and green building programs influence the behaviors of building occupants and change building operating practices in ways that achieve continued performance improvements.

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