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Embodying the Drive Toward Clean Energy in Utility Planning

Date: Sep 27, 2016
Time: 2:30 PM (Tue) - 3:30 PM (Tue)
Presenters: Chris MacCracken
Place: Webinar

Power generation in the U.S. is increasingly coming from sources that emit less carbon dioxide (CO2), and projections show further declines in carbon intensity of generation over the next 15 to 20 years. In most areas, this shift toward “clean” generation has not been driven by CO2 regulation but by other regulations and market drivers, such as natural gas prices and technology cost declines. By the same token, retirements of nuclear plants may remove an emissions-free source of generation, and require even more power from other clean sources for emissions not to spike. 

Regardless of how this interplay relates to state emissions targets under the Clean Power Plan (should the rule survive legal challenge), this greater reliance on gas generation, renewable generation, and distributed resources has implications for utility planning, asset life, and book value. Utilities need to identify and incorporate these continuing market changes into their planning efforts to make reasonable and flexible resource decisions, even before the fate of CO2 regulation is known. 

In this webinar, ICF experts will:

  • Review the key regulations and market trends driving the shift toward lower-emitting generation
  • Quantify the potential impacts of these drivers over a long-term planning horizon
  • Describe the implications of those impacts for resource planning and operations
  • Discuss market reaction to clean energy goals and implications for utilities, especially in deregulated markets
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Event Presenters

Chris MacCracken

Chris MacCracken


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