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International Society of Exposure Science: ICF Food Truck Rodeo

Date: Oct 15 - Oct 19, 2017
Time: 7:00 AM (Sun) - 8:00 PM (Thu)
Place: Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center (4700 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC, 27703)


Join ICF’s health science practice and various practitioners associated with all aspects of exposure science at the International Society of Exposure Science’s (ISES) Annual International Meeting in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA. The 2017 conference theme is Integrating Exposure Science Across Diverse Communities. Attendees will see creative symposia, talks and posters that incorporate the meeting theme and emphasize the interdisciplinary and multi-scale nature of exposure science, as well as the different communities involved.

ICF’s environmental health science consultants will be building on this “Triangle” theme throughout their presentations and posters by integrating three distinct yet interconnected elements related to exposure science.

ICF organized the FOOD TRUCK RODEO as an opportunity to network, socialize, and support local businesses immediately following the ISES Technology Fair on Tuesday October 17th from 6:45-9:00 pm in the parking lot of the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center.


Food Truck with the ICF logo on the side

ICF’s Food Truck Rodeo will provide the opportunity to purchase food and beverages from the following businesses:

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ICF Presentations and Posters:

Sunday, October 15 –Pre-Conference Course

Title: Introduction to APEX: Estimating Population-based Air Pollutant Exposure, Dose, and Health Risk
Presenter: Graham Glen and Chris Holder

Monday, October 16th

Title: The U.S. EPA RTR Program’s Tiered Screening Approach to Evaluating Ingestion Risks from Emissions of PBHAPs
Presenter: Chris Holder
ICF Co-Authors: Sangeetha Kumar, Graham Glen, Meg McVey, Greg Carter and Arun Varghese

Tuesday, October 17th

Title: Residential and Population Generator (RPGen): Creating a detailed description of housing and occupants for predicting and describing chemical exposures
Presenter: Jessica Levasseur
ICF Co-Authors: Graham Glen and Heidi Hubbard

Title: Data Gathering Methods for Existing Chemicals Risk Evaluations under the Amended TSCA: Proposal for Using Natural Language Processing to Prioritize the Literature Search and Review
Poster Presenter: Heidi Hubbard
ICF Co-Authors: Cara Henning, Michelle Cawley and Arun Varghese

Wednesday, October 18th

Title: Development of Multi-Media Chemical Monitoring Database
Presenter: Ashley Williams
ICF Co-Authors: Arun Varghese and Heidi Hubbard

Title: Using SHEDS-S/D to Estimate Soil and Dust Ingestion Rates for Children
Poster Presenter: Heidi Hubbard
ICF Co-Authors: Graham Glen and Jonathan Cohen

Title: Modeling use phase chemical releases, fate, and disposal for modeling longitudinal human exposures to consumer products
Poster Presenter: Raga Avanaski
ICF Co-Authors: Graham Glen, Jessica Levasseur and Heidi Hubbard

Thursday October 19th

Title: High-resolution scheduling model of consumer product use by individuals and households
Presenter: Jessica Levasseur
ICF Co-Authors: Arun Varghese, Tao Hong and Heidi Hubbard

Title: APEX5: The Latest Refinements and Added Features of U.S. EPA’s Air Pollutants Exposure Model
Presenter: Chris Holder
ICF Co-Authors: Graham Glen, Jessica Levasseur, Jonathan Cohen, John Hader and Heidi Hubbard