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The Rise in E-Cigarette Use: Challenges from a Public Health Perspective

Date: May 06, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM (Wed) - 12:00 PM (Wed)
Presenters: Naomi Freedner-Maguire, Dr. Carolyn Dresler, Dr. Brian King, Dr. Ray Niaura, Dr. Andrea Villanti, Dr. Jennifer Pearson, Dr. Darren Mays
Place: George Washington University

George Washington University and ICF International have gathered a panel of experts to cover the spectrum of issues related to e-cigarettes, including:

  • Challenges and shortcomings in current e-cigarette use measurement
  • Uptake of e-cigarettes, trends in e-cigarette use, and their association with patterns of other tobacco product use
  • An overview of e-cigarette related indicators on national and subnational surveillance systems of youth and adults, gaps in existing questionnaires, and recommendations for enhancing the content and periodicity of e-cigarette surveillance
  • FDA regulation of tobacco products

In the past few years, the use of e-cigarettes has increased rapidly in the United States, with some tobacco control experts projecting that e-cigarette sales could surpass sales of traditional cigarettes in the near future. This rapid rise has stimulated a vigorous debate in the tobacco control community over the potential public health impact of these products and about how best to regulate them.

There are arguments for and against e-cigarette use. Some argue that e-cigarettes may help tobacco cessation efforts while others argue that these products may lead to nicotine addiction among youth, which may eventually lead to use of conventional cigarettes.

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Event Presenters

Naomi Freedner

Naomi Freedner-Maguire

Principal Researcher

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Carolyn Dresler

Dr. Carolyn Dresler

Associate Director for Medical and Health Sciences

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Brian King

Dr. Brian King

Deputy Director for Research Translation (Acting)

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Ray Niaura

Dr. Ray Niaura

Associate Director

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Andrea Villanti

Dr. Andrea Villanti

Director of Regulatory Science and Policy

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Jennifer Pearson

Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Research Investigator

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Darren Mays

Dr. Darren Mays

Assistant Professor of Oncology

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