XXIV Inter-American Congress of Ministers & High-Level Authorities of Tourism

March 21 - 22, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Georgetown. Guyana
3/21/2018 9:00:00 AM 3/22/2018 6:00:00 PM America/Chicago XXIV Inter-American Congress of Ministers & High-Level Authorities of Tourism

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Georgetown. Guyana
Multi-Destination Travel: Challenges for Regional Air Connectivity

Travel and tourism is a sector, which collectively contributes nearly 10% of the world’s GDP and one in 11 of all jobs on the planet. Over one billion people cross international borders each year, a number expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030, while at the same time, billions more travel domestically. Moreover, the sector has transformed itself into one of the most powerful and dynamic economic engines in the world with the capacity to maintain or transform the fortunes of countries as a generator of employment, income, and foreign exchange.

Join ICF Technical Director Barbara Mejia for Multi-Destination Travel to Promote Market Opportunities, which will take place on the morning of March 22. Barbara will focus on the challenges for regional air connectivity in the context of multi-destination travel.

The sub-regions of the Americas each provide significant opportunities for multi-destination travel, and some of these already exists through cruise products as well as specifically designed packages from tour companies. This notwithstanding, challenges related to cross-border travel including visa facilitation, air connectivity, and port security have constrained the development of multi-destination products in our region. The XXIV Congress will assess emerging issues surrounding multi-destination travel including inter alia travel and visa facilitation models, new technology options to support travel and visa facilitation, as well as requirements for multi-destination travel. The XXIV Congress will also help share experiences countries have in these areas, promote joint efforts for multi-destination tourism initiatives among member states and regional tourism agencies, as well as an examination of the principal challenges and solutions to the effective development of multi-destination travel within the region.

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