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Kevin Zhang, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Director

Kevin Zhang is a senior technical director at ICF. He has extensive experience in cancer surveillance systems, program management and evaluation, information technologies, system design and architecture, decision support systems and monitoring systems, data security, epidemiology and registry management, statistical methodology, data visualization, and geographic information systems (GIS).

During his career at ICF, Kevin has participated in and led numerous cancer surveillance projects. As the current program director, he has been working on the CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR)-Cancer Surveillance System (CSS) project since 2001, serving in various technical and managerial roles. He also directed CDC projects on Enhancing Cancer Registries for Patient-Centered Outcome Research (NPCR-PCOR), Enhancing Cancer Registries for Comparative Effective Research (NPCRCER), the NPCR Program Evaluation Indicators (NPCR-PEI) and NPCR Early Case Capture (pediatric cancers) data collection, as well as the CDC-funded assessment of HPV-related cancers in the U.S., among others.

As a senior subject matter expert, Kevin provides technical and advisory consultation to a number of cancer registry operations and disease surveillance projects. He also participates in collaborative research projects with national and international researchers and practitioners. He has published peer-reviewed journal articles in Cancer,Journal of Registry Management, and Cancer Epidemiology, among others. Kevin has also presented at numerous conferences on a wide range of topics ranging from systems design, data management, and security to cancer data analysis.

Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in geosciences and master's degree in demography from Sun Yet-Sen University (SYSU), along with an M.C.R.P degree in city and regional planning from Morgan State University, and a PhD degree in decision sciences from the University of Maryland.


Insights by Kevin Zhang, Ph.D.