About ICF

Jen Williams

Managing Consultant, Experience and Engagement Strategy
Jen is an experience and engagement strategy expert with nearly 10 years of experience working with clients to design and deliver solutions that positively impact the communities they serve.

Jen advocates for purpose-led design, specializing in experience and engagement strategy. She works in collaboration with clients to understand their challenges and work with cross-functional teams to find solutions that will deliver meaningful impact for their customers and colleagues. This includes the design and delivery of strategic frameworks, experiences, and communication campaigns to enable brands to deliver solutions while staying true to their brand mission, vision, and values.

Previously, Jen worked for Accenture. She defined and delivered implementation change and business readiness frameworks for 70 projects across the United Kingdom. Jen also recommended methods and governance model changes to support the delivery of a multi-million dollar transformation program. She recommended cost reduction initiatives and implementation plans to the European chief financial officer, and defined and mobilized the fiscal year 2018 external partner engagement strategy for the corporate citizenship team.

Jen graduated from the University of Oxford in 2014 with a degree in geography.