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Dr. Tina Weber

Tina Weber has 20 years of experience in employment and social policy and leads the company's work on employment relations and social dialogue. She regularly provides research and consultancy advice to European institutional clients and social partner organisations on employment law, sectoral legislation, employment policy, and sectoral trends. Dr. Weber led impact assessment studies on potential changes to the European Working Time Directive, European Works Councils Directive, and potential European initiatives on paternity and careers leave. She also led the evaluations of the impact of the part-time and fixed-term work directives and ex-post evaluations of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund and European Social Fund (ESF) funding for the integration of disadvantaged groups into the labour market.

Dr. Weber has provided research and consultancy advice to European social partner organisations on demographic change and the implementation of the directive on the prevention of injuries from medical sharps in the health care sector. She has also supported the drafting and dissemination of a multisectoral agreement on third-party violence in the workplace and has led various studies on the management and impact of restructuring in the European economy.

Dr. Weber has a Ph.D. from Edinburgh University and a B.A. from the University of Kent, UK.