Dr. Wenjuan Wang
Technical Specialist

Wenjuan Wang is a public health researcher with 10 years of experience in international health and development projects. Her research areas include research and evaluation in issues related to maternal and child health, family planning/reproductive health, and relevant health service provision and quality. Dr. Wang led the impact evaluation of the zinc promotion program for treating pediatric diarrhea in Nepal, conducted the assessment of the social-franchising program in Pakistan and India, examined the gaps in using maternal healthcare services in multiple south Asian countries, and studied the factors influencing maternal care utilization in poor families in China. Her technical expertise includes research project design and management, monitoring and evaluation, and analyzing data with advanced econometric and statistical techniques.

Dr. Wang has two master's degrees—one in Biostatics from Johns Hopkins University and one in Demography from Peking University. She also has a Ph.D. in Population, Family, and Reproductive Health from Johns Hopkins University and a medical degree from Beijing Medical University.