Ilona Varallyay
Senior Associate

Ilona Varallyay has several years of overseas experience implementing global health projects in HIV prevention and care, health systems strengthening, organizational capacity building, nutrition and school feeding, and community health education in Ecuador, Guinea, Kenya, and Uganda. In Gulu, northern Uganda, she worked with the American Refugee Committee and AVSI-Uganda on HIV/AIDS projects and organizational capacity building for local nongovernmental organizations/community-based organizations (NGO/CBO), where she conducted organizational capacity assessments with local CBOs and NGOs.

Ms. Varallyay has field experience in health systems-strengthening programs at the district level, focusing on service delivery, pharmaceutical and logistics management, and human resources management. At the Center for Design and Research in Sustainable Health and Human Development (CEDARS), she is working on projects that focus on:

  1. Supporting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) efforts to plan and monitor a sustainable transition of the management and delivery of antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs to local institutions
  2. The development and design of assessment tools for organizational capacity as well as health system performance at the subnational level
  3. The adaptation of the Taking the Long View Sustainability Framework to train and support local organizations in planning for and assessing efforts toward sustainable health outcomes

Ms. Varallyay has an M.Sc. in Public Health.