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Neha Vaingankar
Climate Change and Sustainability Expert
Since 2016, Neha Vaingankar has brought her quantitative skills and expertise on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, corporate sustainability strategy, and waste management to aid a wide variety of federal, municipal, and private clients. 
At ICF, Neha specializes in fluorinated greenhouse gas (F-GHG) emissions, specifically from the electric power sector. She supports EPA’s public private partnership with the U.S. electric power systems industry, the verification of F-GHG emissions reported to the U.S. national GHG registry, and the compilation of emissions estimates for EPA's national inventory for this sector. She is also an expert in the waste sector: Neha supports the annual compilation of waste incineration emissions for the entire U.S for EPA's national inventory, along with the waste sector GHG emission estimation for state and local inventories in accordance with the GHG Protocol. She also informs technical updates for several lifecycle assessment tools for waste management. Additionally, Neha has provided expertise on corporate GHG inventories and target setting for companies in the financial services, home entertainment, and online sales sectors. 

Neha received her Master of Public Policy in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University and her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Scripps College.