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Patti Temple Rocks
Senior Partner, Client Excellence
Patti is an expert in marketing and communications with more than 35 years of experience.
ICF’s global marketing services agency focuses on helping your organization find opportunity in disruption.
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Patti ensures that our clients get the very best talent to lead and support their business, and that our agency consistently delivers the highest quality of work–on every level.

She has held senior leadership positions in four different areas of the industry: public relations, advertising, corporate, and start-up. Patti is known as an inspirational leader, innovative thinker, problem-solver, growth driver, and passionate brand steward, as well as both an agent for change and a counselor during that change.

Previously, Patti was the managing director for the Chicago office of IPG’s public relations agency, Golin. She led the agency to consistent year-over-year growth while providing counsel and ideas to clients including McDonald’s, Walmart, Humana, Tylenol, Unilever, Discover, Dow Chemical, and ConAgra. As the chief reputation officer at Leo Burnett, Patti sat on the agency’s Global Leadership Council, where she provided global strategic communications leadership and experienced first-hand the seismic shifts happening within the advertising industry. As chief brand and reputation officer for Dow Chemical, Patti was the principal architect behind the company’s “Human Element” campaign, an award-winning rebranding effort that lifted Dow Chemical’s reputation scores by the most significant margin in its history. And as founder of Temple Rocks Communications, she learned how to serve a wide variety of smaller clients while building a successful start-up agency.

More recently. Patti took on the under-reported problem of ageism in her book, I'm Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace, an Amazon best seller. INC Magazine ranked I’m Not Done one of its 9 Books Every Professional Should Read in 2019. Kirkus Reviews described the book as a “compelling argument and a spirited call to action against workplace age discrimination.”

Patti is also a public speaker and a contributor to Forbes.

"As long as there are clients and customers, it is, always has been, and always will be about talent. As humans, we want to be with other people who we trust, who we like, and who never let us down. We must always strive to hire the very best people, give them the training and tools they need to succeed, and, above all, inspire them so that they want to be part of what we are doing."
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