Paul Stewart

Why should a recent college graduate consider ICF International?

ICF International offers the ideal work experience for the recent college graduate. The multidisciplinary nature of ICF's work provides ample opportunities to apply existing knowledge and skills while working with some of the top experts in the world. Employees who are dedicated and embrace growth are recognized for their efforts and rewarded with increased responsibility and opportunity.

ICF also supports a vibrant social environment through company-sponsored happy hours and other social events.

The best thing about ICF International is...

...the collaborative environment. Projects typically require extensive teamwork that continuously encourages the sharing of ideas, skills, and insight. People at ICF understand that the success of each individual is essential for the success of the group.


B.S. in Social Science and Public Policy, Michigan State University




Energy, Environment and Transportation


  • Economic impact analysis of greenhouse gas trading programs
  • Presentation on the potential for market-based energy efficiency incentives in the United States Climate strategy benchmarking survey of utilities in the northeastern United States