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Kira Sloop
Vice President

Kira Sloop is one of those lucky people who found a great place to build a career while studying behavioral science in graduate school, and can say 21 years later that there has never been a dull day in the Atlanta office. Kira’s role currently focuses on skills building, training, mentoring, and professional development.

From 2011-2014, Kira led the Public Health Research and Evaluation (PHRE) line of business at ICF. The portfolio of client work included over 30 active projects that ranged in size from tiny (one person, 6K) to game changing (70 million, multiple teams) and the vast majority of those were for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and key stakeholders (foundations, associations). Kira spent a great deal of her time on capture and collaboration (overseeing/coordinating 5 CDC IDIQs), project management process improvement, problem solving, staff development, supervision, and of course, client management. Prior to leading a LOB, most of her technical work over the years was concentrated in HIV prevention, training, and technical assistance, but through ICF’s growth, she had the opportunity to support teams working on a much wider array of public health challenges. (She can even tell you what cryptosporidium is and why you might want to be selective about public pools...)

Kira has never strayed too far from observing, asking, and researching how we can optimize the work environment to do our best thinking, cultivate relationships, serve our clients, and learn from our missteps. From early projects that monitored intervention fidelity to diffusing and scaling up evidence-based practices to evaluating prevention programs to developing training to close gaps in skills. If you saw a cartoon bubble over her head, it might say, "Hmmm...What would we need to put in place to do that consistently" and "What could make us more effective, here?" and "What and how might someone else learn from this?" Kira is delighted to have the opportunity to think about those and many other questions at the individual level (e.g., leadership coaching), at the Division level (e.g., tailored learning activities to respond to employee and business needs), at the Group level (e.g., new content to support learning paths), and at the Corporate level (e.g., as a trainer for the PMO Firm-Fixed Price course).