Roqaiya Shabbir

Roqaiya is currently a Research Assistant supporting ICF’s Health Science and Survey Research LOB. Beginning her career at ICF in 2016, Roqaiya quickly adapted to the project environment thanks to a supportive team and readily available learning resources. Currently, she handles large datasets, manages a help desk, documents project progress, and assists with proposal and manual writing. In addition, she frequently seeks out opportunities for continuous growth which are always supported by her managers. In 2015, Roqaiya graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Psychology. Inspired by the work her colleagues contribute, Roqaiya made the decision to pursue a Masters in Data Science, which she is excited to begin in the Fall of 2018.

When she’s not in the office, you won’t find her anywhere local because she loves to travel! She’s been to 5 countries in the past year and plans on beginning new adventures and making many new memories in the future. On the other hand, she enjoys rock climbing, yoga, and tae kwon do when she’s local.