Dr. Katerina Passa
Senior Associate

Katerina Passa brings a wide range of expertise in designing research strategies and using multivariate data techniques that deal with experimental and non-experimental data. She is responsible for providing specialized technical support in various education and related field research projects. Dr. Passa provides technical expertise in conducting large-scale non-experimental studies for the Texas Education Agency. Dr. Passa coordinated the school- and student-level quasi-experimental studies in the Texas Education Agency’s Communities In Schools (CIS), Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy (TALA) and Teacher Induction and Mentoring (BTIM), and High School Success (HSS) evaluations using rigorous matching procedures with large-scale secondary data.

Dr. Passa serves as the head quantitative analyst in the Best Practices Clearinghouse project by the Texas Education Agency, where she assists in the identification and assessment of several evidence-based dropout and academic intervention practices. She has extensive experience working with restricted-data from the National Center of Educational Studies (NCES) such as the National Center for Education Statistics’ Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) large-scale database, and the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey data.