Gokul Pandian
Senior Manager - Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Gokul is a senior manager and has 14 years of work experience in supporting large corporates, Government ministries and multilateral institutions in Energy Efficiency strategy and climate policy. He is strategic and vibrant thinker and a strong team player. He possesses excellent auditing, data analytics, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Gas Authority of India Limited has conceptualized profit maximization engagement called Sanchay to sustain profitability which was under stress due to external factors like volatility in gas prices, fall in domestic gas volumes, decrease in petrochemical prices etc. The scheme has identified 5 levers to maximize profit and Gokul was spearheading lever 2 (plant operations).

Gokul has identified low hanging energy efficient interventions worth USD 200 million at three plants located in South Africa, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The Development of energy conservation building code for large residential buildings in India project aims to develop incentive mechanisms for energy efficiency in multi-story residential buildings. It is an ongoing project and Gokul is developing building code for the nation.

Gokul is post graduate in Energy Engineering from Anna University and graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University. He did a course on Business Analytics and Intelligence from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is a certified energy auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India.