About ICF

Jonathan Norris

Lead Transportation and Energy Consultant
Jonathan Norris is a decarbonization expert with nearly 10 years of experience in energy and environmental policies and zero- and near-zero emission vehicles.

With nearly 10 years of professional experience, Jonathan Norris is a transportation decarbonization expert helping clients understand evolving transportation, energy, and fuel markets and policy. Those clients include federal agencies, state and local governments, utilities, fleets, airports, seaports, and others. He also helps them strategize plans for meeting transportation decarbonization goals.

Jonathan’s expertise lies in zero- and near-zero emission (ZNZE) vehicles and infrastructure. He led and contributed to national, regional, and local efforts regarding transportation electrification, alternative fuel infrastructure planning, fleet transition planning, ZNZE vehicle demonstration, vehicle-grid integration, and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure deployment-related policy. Jonathan’s work in these areas has taken on several forms, such as advisory services, EV readiness planning, and policy research. He also helps clients with infrastructure site planning, market studies, vehicle demonstration, and pilot project management. And, he has experience in total cost of ownership tool development and analysis, working group development and facilitation, and resilience projects.

Jonathan’s expertise spans the fuels and technologies services within the transportation ecosystem. He conducted work on a range of medium- and heavy-duty buses, trucks, light-duty vehicles, among others. He also consulted with clients regarding the use of electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, and gaseous fuels related to emissions reduction, petroleum use reduction, cost, and suitability.