Pepe Monroy
Senior Consultant - Urban Planning

Pepe is an urban planner by training with a multidisciplinary background in urban policy, planning and urban design. Pepe started his international development career at the UN Headquarters in New York, and subsequently within the international development team at ICF in London.

At ICF, his experience has concentrated in spatial and strategic planning, and urban resilience and disaster risk reduction for various clients, including DFID, the World Bank, the FCO, the EU and the UN.

Pepe has developed expertise in understanding how urbanization dynamics are interlinked to exposure to hazards (flooding, landslides, earthquakes), and how to develop solutions to build the resilience of the built environment. This has included both the enhancement of urban planning instruments as well as institutional strengthening and capacity building.

Pepe’s experience spans Latin America and the Caribbean (Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti), Central Asia (Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria).