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Donna McCormick
Principal, Environment

Donna McCormick has 25 years of experience in managing environmental documents, including joint California Environmental Quality Act/National Environmental Policy Act (CEQA/NEPA) documents. She has prepared environmental impact reports (EIR), environmental impact statements (EIS); initial studies for negative declarations and mitigated negative declarations (MND), and environmental assessments (EA) for findings of no significant impacts (FONSI). Ms. McCormick has prepared these documents for a wide range of agencies, including Caltrans; U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA); Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); and various transit authorities, cities, and counties as well as for private applicants.

Ms. McCormick's expertise includes the transportation planning and environmental processes for both transit and highway projects. She has worked on light-rail projects in several states and is proficient in the Caltrans approval process, both for state-led projects and local assistance processes. Ms. McCormick has authored numerous articles on environmental analysis and project management and has been the editor of environmental newsletters for professional organizations. She has taught classes for University of California Extension Universities at Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Davis, and at California State University at Fullerton's Transportation Engineering Department.

Ms. McCormick has a B.S. in landscape architecture and is an expert in visual quality assessment. She has provided this type of analysis for such diverse projects as military installations, highways, golf course developments, cemeteries, ports, campuses, mines, and transit systems.