Dr. James LaRue
Cybersecurity Scientist

Dr. James LaRue is a Sr. Data Scientist with over 20 years of experience in real-time signal analysis, data extraction, transformation and algorithm development. His expert quantitative skills open the door to Big Data Analytics technology with Proven & Practical near real-time signal and speech processing, identify areas of interest in intelligence network traffic, data flows or market influences results in the formulation of predictive algorithms.

He has developed solutions to address the constraints of memory caching, load balancing, and parallel vs serial asset utilization. Dr. LaRue employs a team-driven approach among the engineers, developers, and scientists that leads to quick and highly successful teams. His systems engineering and algorithmic approaches have allowed his teams to gather highly relevant performance metrics from evolving data patterns, identify relationships, and correlated outcomes that redirect product development strategies.

Dr LaRue has a Ph.D. in Engineering & Applied Science, a B.A. and M.S. in Mathematics, a B.A. in Education and A.A.S. in Instrumentation and Process Control.