Jessie Hyland
Ms. Jessie Hyland has over 12 years of combined experience in academic and applied research, as well as human capital consulting.  Specifically, she has a wealth of assessment development and validation experience across the areas of personnel selection, executive assessment, competency modeling, leadership development, training and evaluation, workforce development, organizational health assessment and employee engagement. She is well-versed in a range of assessment types and methodologies, as well as data analytics, including advanced modeling and simulation techniques. Ms. Hyland has conducted research related to cognitive and non-cognitive factors that predict performance and has developed and validated tests in various formats (e.g., knowledge test, personality assessment, situational judgment test) covering a range of measurement constructs. In addition, she is experienced in cutting edge training and assessment technologies, such as game- and simulation-based interactive scenarios and virtual reality. She has conducted psychometric analyses (including IRT and adverse impact analysis) and validation studies (including concurrent and longitudinal criterion-related validations) for scores of assessments with various test populations. Ms. Hyland holds a M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is currently in progress with her doctoral dissertation (ABD) in the same I/O program at Virginia Tech.

Insights by Jessie Hyland