Mr. Ajit Gupta
Sr. Adviser - energy

Mr. Gupta retired as Adviser in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, in September, 2008. In his association of more than four decades with the renewable energy sector, he has played a key role in the development and deployment of renewables in India. In the domain of policy, regulatory and legislative aspects, Mr. Gupta developed Guidelines for renewable power policies as a result of which policies for grid connectivity and feed-in tariff were introduced by the States. He contributed in finalization of provisions pertaining to renewable energy in Electricity Act 2003, National Electricity Policy and Tariff Policy and interacted with the Central and State Electricity Regulatory Commissions regarding tariff guidelines, RPOs and RECs.

He started the Power Group in the Ministry and led technological and commercial development of grid power generation in the areas of wind power, small hydro power, biomass power, bagasse co-generation and solar power generation. He pioneered and led the Wind Power Programme of the country for over two decades. He also started the Remote Village Electrification Group and the Urban, Industrial and Commercial Applications Group. He also steered the development of National Programmes on biofuels, green buildings and Solar Cities. Mr. Gupta concurrently served as the Director of the Solar Energy Centre (renamed National Institute of Solar Energy) and as Founder Executive Director of the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (renamed National Institute of Wind Energy) during different periods.

He led international co-operation programmes in the renewable energy sector as the Focal Point or National Project Director of several projects supported by World Bank, UNDP, USAID, Danida, GEF, European Commission, CHOGRM, KfW etc. Mr. Gupta has been an active participant in policy and regulatory dialogue in various platforms at international level. He served as the key member of Government of India’s delegations to several bilateral and multilateral meetings abroad for development of Renewable Energy sector in India. He played an active role in the renewable energy initiatives in CHOGRM, G-8 and G-15, Bonn Conference 2004 and hosting of COP 8 by India at New Delhi in 2002 and of DIREC in 2010. He served as member of Indo-US, Indo- French, and Indo-German Working Groups on Energy and IEA Working Group on Renewable Energy and various IEA Implementing Agreements. Post-retirement, he was National Programme Manager of an MNRE-UNDP-GEF Solar Energy Project up to 2011.

Since joining ICF India in 2011, Mr Gupta has been involved with energy policy development from the consultancy side and has advised on numerous donor, government and private sector projects in India – focussing on renewable energy issues, innovative technological solutions, market development and business opportunities for foreign entities in the Indian market.